Apple Store Accidentally Sells Mavic "Display Unit" To Customer

Having waited many weeks for arrival of his DJI Direct order, a DroneHome community member named Tony Speer (known on the chat as t0ny7) went into an Apple Store in an attempt to buy a DJI Mavic Pro as a walk-in customer. Moments ago he posted on the DroneHome Slack chat that he was purchasing a brand new Mavic Pro.

He arrived at the store and inquired about the availability of the Mavic Pro. An Apple employee went into the back and came out with a brand new Mavic Pro box. The store employee mentioned that it had just been delivered.

A brand new DJI Mavic Pro box in hand

After purchasing, Tony went to his car excited to finally have his paws on the illusive drone. As he posted on the chat with photos of it, he quickly realized it was a display unit meant for a shelf at the store. The fake camera (pictured below) does not have an image sensor in it.

Display unit without an image sensor in the camera

The box has a product label on it showing that it is a Replica. It is unlikely anyone meant to sell it.

Mavic Pro box showing the Replica label

The receipt for good measure.

A receipt for the display unit Mavic Pro purchased from the Apple Store

You can imagine that Tony is pretty bummed out.