DJI Offers Conflicting Reasons For Delay

Today technology site TechCrunch's Brian Heater released an article about DJI having learned its lesson from the Mavic Pro delay. It alludes that DJI is deeply focused on improving its shipping capacity and ability to communicate to customers.

But the article revealed another thing entirely -- that apparently there is another reason the delay occurred: not a large unexpected quantity of orders, but a defect that occurred during the assembly of the Mavic Pro in the factory.

The confusing aspect of this is that their official explanation several weeks ago was that it was the overwhelming demand that incapacitated them. But now, their own Global Communications Director, Adam Lisberg, says (in the interview with TechCrunch) that it was actually a manufacturing defect.

We are all happy that DJI took time to fix any manufacturing defects.

We are all not happy that DJI essentially just got caught lying to us though.