DJI Finally Addresses Mavic Pro Shipping Issues

DJI released a shipping update early this morning in China on the DJI Newsroom for Mavic Pro orders. Specifically addressed was an apology and an explanation for the initial cause of delay.

This is a very welcome communique admist a multi-week silence on behalf of the drone manufacturer. DJI should have long considered doing weeks ago, amidst a growing number of users reporting on the DJI forum that they have canceled their orders. While an exact reason for lack of such an update may never come to surface, many people will be very pleased that DJI is attempting to be more introspective and forthright with its customers.

Unfortunately, it does not address when exactly a preorder might be fulfilled, but it does say that they aim to ship all orders that occurred before November 3rd within the next 7 to 8 weeks. That might not be very reassuring to some people, but I find that it is at least a little bit revealing. It is much better than having not idea when it will come at all, leaving your mind to have some imaginary date set.

Let's hope that this is the start of a transparent and forward thinking DJI. They are the clear leader in the drone market, but if they wish to remain in that place they are going to have to. There are other manufacturers gunning for the spot.

Stay tuned...