Add Your Order

You should add your Mavic Pro order to the list if you are not already on it. This will allow us to monitor your order for progress, share basic information about your order with others, and get a sense of how DJI is shipping these orders out.

If your order is from the merchant DJI then we will attempt to retrieve your order from DJI's Order Tracking page. If you notice your order not automatically updating, you may use the DJI command-line tool running on your computer. If you need to change your entry, just resubmit this form again with the same Order ID and Phone Tail, but with different information in the Details section.


We'll never share your whole order ID. The last 4 digits will be masked.
The last 4 digits of the phone number associated with your order. Not shared publicly.

Your Merchant, Order ID and your Phone Tail serve as your credentials here. Do not forget them! You may update your previous listing just by making sure you are using the same Order ID and Phone Tail when submitting this form.

Order Details

The information provided here is optional, but it is useful to help others determine more about your order. Submit this form again later using the same credentials above in order to update your entry.

If you have a tracking number then we can automatically look up the status of the shipment.
This help you and others identify your order.
Provide your email address if you wish to be notified about changes to your order status. (not yet avail)

Order Status

These details help to identify where your order is in the delivery flow. This is the most critical information (be sure you've set an accurate Order Time above in order to be the most helpful to others).